Introducing the All New Norwex Pet Mitt and Norwex Pet Towel

Pet Owners – Your wait is finally over! Norwex Pet Products have finally arrived, and they are here to make bath time and cleaning your pets so much easier!


Norwex Pet Mitt and Pet Towel

The Norwex Pet Mitt:

The Norwex Pet Mitt is made to fit comfortably on your hand and has stitching between the fingers to provide extra control making bath time easier for you and your pet! The best part is, all you need is the Norwex Pet Mitt and water to give your pet a full head to toe cleaning. To use the Pet Mitt, simply get it wet with water, ring it out and rub your pet to clean. This is great for pets who don’t like to be washed via the hose or run from a shower. The Norwex Pet Mitt gently cleans your pet with the extra-absorbent microfibers, lifting dirt and hair to get a deep clean.  It is also great for a quick cleaning on those muddy days. Just grab your mitt and wipe those muddy paws at the door! If your pair has a lot of hair, you can use the mitt dry to remove loose hair, or you can pair it with our rubber brush, which is already loved by many pets for a gentle brushing.

The Norwex Pet Towel:

The Norwex Pet Towel makes the chore of drying your pet simple and quick. Normal bath towels get soaked easily, making the process of drying your pets messy and difficult. The Norwex Pet Towel is ultra-absorbent, making it fantastic for bath time, drying off after a dip in the pool, or wiping your pet down after they have come in from the rain. All you do is slip your hands into the Norwex Pet Towel’s built-in pockets and gently dry them head to toe. This towel gives your pet a deep down dry, so they wont smell like wet dog 20 minutes after their bath! The best part is that this towel contains Norwex BacLock, so you just hang it to dry after use. No more towels that smell like wet dog!

Norwex Pet Towel and Bath Mitt

Anyone with a pet knows that bathing and drying them off can be a challenge as they squirm and try to run away, shaking off excess water. With Norwex, it’s so easy even your kids can do it! Want to see the Norwex Pet Mitt and Norwex Pet Towel, in action? Here is a great video from Norwex.

Caring For Your Norwex Pet Mitt and Norwex Pet Towel

  • Slightly used Norwex Pet Mitts or Pet Towels can be washed in hot water with the Norwex dish washing liquid. This is recommended after each use of the Norwex Pet Mitt but may not be needed every time for the Norwex Pet Towel.
  • Heavily used Norwex Pet Mitts and Pet Towels should be laundered using a detergent that contains no fillers, like the Norwex Ultra Power Plus (UPP) laundry detergent.  Air or machine dry.
  • When washing, do not use fabric softener, bleach, or dryer sheets.
  • Note: The Norwex Pet Mitt and the Norwex Pet Towel both contain Norwex’s BacLock, an antibacterial agent allowing it self-purify so it can be used frequently between washes.

Want to order the Norwex Pet Mitt or Norwex Pet Towel? You can shop directly on my Norwex website, or contact me with questions.