If you are not a fan of washing dishes with dirty, stinky sponges, the Norwex Dish Cloth will brighten your dish washing days!

The Norwex Dish Cloth is a loosely woven, netted cloth that makes doing your dishes so much easier. It is safe to use on your non-stick pans, stainless steal, and delicate dishes without the worry of scratching. The best part is that it makes tough jobs easy! Have a flour spill? No problem! Just take your wet Norwex Dish Cloth, place it over the spill and scrunch the cloth to pick it all up without making a pasty mess. The flour will stick to the cloth until you run it under water to clean it off. The Norwex Dish Cloth also makes cleaning caked-on food and sticky messes off the countertops and dishes an easy task.

What else can it clean? The Norwex Dish Cloth can be used anywhere a little bit of scrubbing is required. It will easily remove stuck-on food, is great for cleaning hand beaters and cheese graters, can be used on your countertops and inside your microwave, and will work amazing on baked on batter and soap scum. One of the most unique places to use the Norwex Dish Cloth is on your car. It will remove those stubborn bugs that are stuck on your car windshield and grill!

The Norwex Dish Cloth is made of nylon and has large holes, which stops the transfer of germs and harvesting of bacteria. This gives it the ability to do the tough cleaning without absorbing the grease, grime, and odors that usually attach to a sponge. Once you are done using the Dish Cloth, just rinse it out with a little dish soap and lay it flat to dry. If you want a deeper cleaning, just lay it flat over your dishes on the top rack of your dishwasher and it will come out like new!

If you are ready to brighten your dish washing days, you can order the Norwex Dish Cloth directly from my website, or if you have questions about this or any other Norwex Products, you can contact me directly.