Have you heard about the Norwex Mop and wondered why everyone has been talking about it? Kris Carlson explains all the amazing features of the Norwex Superior Mop System in the video below.

As Kris explains, you can use this to dry mop (which helps pickup all the dirt, dust, and pet hair) or wet to mop the floors. You can also lock this mop head into place to clean the walls and base boards. Wit the Norwex EnviroWand attachment, you can use the telescoping handle to clean ceiling fans, high shelving, tops of cabinets and basically anything else you would normally need a latter to clean.

If you would like to know more about the Norwex Mop System, contact me today. Want to earn the mop for free? Consider hosting a party with me! Norwex occasionally offers mop month, where you can earn your mop though the host reward package, which free’s up your shopping spree money! For more information on the host package, here is a link to the July 2016 Host Rewards.