With Father’s Day around the corner I have been thinking about how many products my ex-husband uses every day and could not live without. I thought I would highlight a few of them, and maybe you’ll find the perfect Norwex for your guy!

Brad did not really think Norwex was that exciting when I joined back in 2009. He was like, “You are joining a company that sells microfiber??” I think he thought I had lost my mind! Thankfully, he literally would support about anything I came up with. He is truly my number one cheerleader!

Fast forward to today and he is the biggest fan of Norwex. Not just our amazing products but the mission! He actually started his own business cleaning homes with zero chemicals! Norwex has made a huge impact on his life and taught him to look for ways to take care of our earth and our bodies.

freedom cleaning, apex, nc

Brad now has a cleaning business that uses zero chemicals!

Here are a few things Brad could not live without:

Car Cloth and Car Wash Mitt: (actually all car stuff!) He was blown away the first time he washed his car with water and the car mitt only! He also could not believe his car windows were spotless and streak free! Great for Father’s Day gift or any other gift!

norwex, car cloth, car mitt

The Car Cloth & Car Mitt make a perfect duo!

Body Pack: Brad used to have to put a prescription cream on his face and neck due to shaving. He has been able to stop needing the cream and gotten rid of his issues with ingrown hair on his neck. He LOVES the body pack!

norwex, body pack

The Body Pack is seriously life changing for your skin!

Deodorant: Brad uses the crystal deodorant and has zero body odor. (I can attest to this!) 😂

norwex, crystal, deodorant

The Norwex Crystal Deodorant is a healthier option than tradition deodorants.

Towels: Brad loves the fact that the towels dry him so quickly and has the Baclock self-cleaning technology, so he does not need to wash them as often. Patience is not exactly his virtue. 👀

norwex bath towels

Sportyzme: I’m not saying he has stinky shoes….but if he did, the Sportzyme sure would come in handy making sure his shoes did not stink at ALL! I feel like all boy moms and sports moms should have this product!

norwex sportzyme

Stinky shoes, be gone!

I could go through tons of other products that Brad uses daily, but hopefully these will give you some good gift ideas!

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