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People are always surprised when I share how much my customers love to give Norwex as holiday gifts! Norwex truly has something for everyone— and way more than only cleaning products. I thought it was finally time to put together a Gift Guide, so you can see for yourself how you can give some really amazing, thoughtful gifts for the people you love, with ingredients that you can feel good about.

Stocking Stuffers

I don’t know about you, but I always forget to grab Stocking Stuffers! We have several fun and good-for-you options that will mark that often overlooked task off your holiday shopping list.

We have a wide range of options, from our famous lip balm to hand cream and cleaners, toothbrushes, footstones, and more.

Kris’ Fave: Optic Scarf
The Optic Scarf is so much fun! Not only is it a great fashion accessory to add to your purse, but it’s super handy to clean your glasses (it’s scratch resistant!), clean your cell phone case, or jewelry while on the go.

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Self Care For The Busy Woman

Most women I know can all benefit from taking time to slow down and focus on doing things that help them relax every now and then. Giving gifts that encourage self care is always a good thing! We have a ton of ideas that would make great additions to a Spa Basket for the busiest women in your life. Here are some ideas:

  1. Mediterranean Meditation Organic Olive Oil Salt Scrub  for exfoliation.
  2. Our Body Towels are so gentle on all your skin types.
  3. The Hair Wrap is also made from microfiber and absorbs 70% of water within 10 minutes.

Kris’ Fave: Makeup Remover Cloth Set
The Makeup Remover Cloths are AMAZING and one of my best sellers. With just one of these cloths and water, you can gently and effectively remove all your makeup! They’re like magic— no cleansers or soap needed!

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For The Car Enthusiast

At times shopping for the guys in our life can be a difficult. When my customers ask me for help, one of my go to  is “What is their hobby?” I admit that when the answer is they enjoy cars, I get a excited because Norwex has such great gifts for car enthusiasts! Let’s take a look:

  1. The Car Cloth puts the finishing touch on mirrors, windows, and chrome— all you need is the cloth and water.
  2. Leather Shine will keep those seats in perfect condition. And, if you have other leather furniture in the home, you’ll get even more out of this great product.
  3. Our Car Vent Clips go well with our Essential Oils to keep your car fresh and odor free.

Kris’ Favorite: Car Wash Mitt
Our Car Wash Mitt is two sided, one chenille and the other microfiber. This mitt and the car cloth are an easy 1-2 punch that makes car washing easier with less chemicals and just as effective.

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For The Kids

Parents rave about our super plush towels for their kiddos. Another fun thing I hear that parents love is how our Kids Dusting Mitt, Kids Window Cloth and Kids Envirocloth are amazing at instilling good “helper” skills with cleaning around the house. The young kids love having their own personal cloths while helping Mom and Dad clean. They’re the perfect accessory, especially if they are getting a kitchen playset!

Kris’ Fave: Pet To Dry
Not long ago, I made a quick video on why the Pet To Dry is so great for kids! You can see for yourself how much I love them as gifts.

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For Yourself

Of course, you deserve a gift, too! One of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten myself was the gift of Norwex, itself. I found this incredible company on the heels of my husband losing his job, with 3 young children at home. Within weeks, I’d paid for Christmas and our mortgage. Nine years later, I’m still so thankful for the way Norwex has impacted our lives. We’ve traveled, we’ve made lifelong friendships, and we’ve witnessed this business do the same for thousands of other families.

And the Starter Kit is FREE. All you have to do is pay shipping! Then get busy sharing these incredible products and you’ll be on your way to success.

Kris’ Fave: The Norwex Starter Kit

I love sharing about my personal journey with Norwex! If you’d like to learn more about what it’s like being a Norwex consultant, or to join my team simply click here.

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See how many options we have for everyone in your family? And this is just the beginning! I encourage you to spend some time browsing my website, or send me a message if I can help suggest some ideas and be your personal elf this holiday shopping season.