If your child has ever colored on the walls, desks, wood furniture, or any other surface imaginable, you are defiantly not alone.  We have all been there! Now, how do we get it off. Thanks to our lovely Jill, here is a video on how to remove those “Oops” moments!

How to remove Permanent marker from your walls:

Step 1 – Take marker away from offender and put in an out of reach place.

Step 2 – Take a picture of your cute little offender and their beautiful artwork (after all, these are the moments you will remember!)

Step 3 – Wet your EnviroCloth, dab it in your Norwex Cleaning Paste.

Step 4 – Go to work scrubbing the artwork to remove it.

Step 5 – See what else you want to clean. Since you already have out your EnviroCloth and Cleaning Paste, you may as well make other parts of your house sparkling clean as well!