Dont let your direct sales business fall behind

Fall is here which means cooler days, pumpkin flavored everything, football Sundays and family gatherings. It also means afternoons full of homework, sporting events, and holiday activities. You may be looking at your calendar thinking about everything you have planned for the next few months and wondering how you’re going to fit your direct sales business in there as well.

One of the best things about the direct sales and party plan business opportunity is that you can make it work with your schedule. Here are my top five tips on making your direct sales party plan business successful during the busy fall season.

1. Get creative with your direct sales party times and make them fit your schedule:

Look over you schedule and figure out what works for you. Do you have soccer games on Saturday mornings? Try suggesting a Sunday brunch themed party instead. Can’t work on the weekends? Tell your customers week nights are a great time to have an event, after all, everyone makes time for a girls night out! Have a group of stay at home moms who’s kids are in school? Have a fun lunch time get together. Don’t let the business dominate your schedule, do what works for you.

2. Look into vender events:

The fall season is packed with vender events in your local area. If you are wanting to expand the reach for your direct sales business, look into booking a few for you and your team. As a direct sales consultant, you will want to focus on contacts and booking parties. Remember, it’s not all about sales. When you have a direct sales, party plan business, your goal is to book parties. Does the event run over multiple days? If you have a team, share time at the event and use it as a training opportunity for new recruits. This is a great way to get them comfortable showing off products.

3. Hold a special themed/seasonal sale specific for your direct sales customers:

Fall is the perfect time to run special sales for different holidays. Plan a Black Friday sale, offer special pricing for the “last day to order for Christmas shipment guarantee”, etc. If you have a time that is really busy for you personally,  fill a party you may miss with a sale instead. Added bonus – Give your customers an extra special thank you by doing a raffle or giveaway for the host reward items once a preset goal is met.

4. Host A Fundraiser:

Fall fundraisers are being hosted by schools and churches, and everything in between. Reach out to your favorite local groups and see if you can help with their  fundraising goals. As a direct sales consultant, you can offer part of your commission to these causes. This is a great way to spread your reach and gain new contacts in your community.

5. Offer incentives for your team:

As a direct sales consultant, your business grows as your team grows. The holiday season is a great opportunity for your team to boost their sales. Offer some helpful tips to help them grow their business and give them incentives when they hit bigger sales goals. Everyone loves gifts so offering incentives may be the little something extra they need to put their business first.

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