This blog post is definitely one of my most favorite posts EVER! Let me introduce you to my grandson – Aiden.

He is truly a gift and he makes every single day worth it no matter what is going on.  Let’s face it…some days are just HARD.  This time in my life has been full of some really difficult things and challenges. And having Aiden living with me just makes every day joyful despite the circumstances. He is truly magical!

When I was younger I felt like I was always looking ahead to what was coming next as a parent. I was focusing mostly on my to-do list – the things that needed to get done.  Whether it is preparing for dinner, doing laundry, cleaning the house, scheduling appointments…you name it. 

I wasn’t living. I was trying to survive.

However, things have shifted significantly now when I look back. With Aiden, I no longer feel the need of doing all the things and being perfect.  My ONLY agenda now is to soak in every single day with him because it will be gone forever and I really don’t want to miss this wonderful gift. 

My mom-stress is also not there anymore.  When I was a young mom, I was constantly in a state of worry.  I felt so much pressure to learn quickly and do everything right.  Being a grandma has brought so much peace to my life.  I just enjoy Aiden and know that he will be fine. The only thing to worry about is loving him, hugging and kissing him and spending lots of time with him.

It’s a pretty great feeling to see my own child becoming an amazing parent. I love that I get to guide Emma and share my values with her as much as I could. And to watch her now take many of those same traditions and values and teach them to Aiden and add to them in her own way is so special.  She is the best mama and I could not be more proud!

One thing I see and know for sure is…..The greatest legacy in life is family!!