Norwex Consultant 101New Norwex Consultant – 101!

Sometimes being a new consultant can be intimidating. Luckily for us, Norwex provides new consultants with tons of information on how to be successful. This is important, because for the business to succeed, we need our new consultants, like you, to succeed. We want to help you reach as many people as you can and help with the Norwex mission to improve the quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

Where Do I Start As A New Norwex Consultant?

So as a new Norwex consultant, you may be wondering where to start. First, start with the basics. Learn about Norwex, the mission and what using these products in your home can do for you. Honestly, the more you use these products the easier is it because you can’t help but share these amazing products with those you love. You will find yourself talking about them like you’ve never talked about a cleaning product before. Why wouldn’t you want to share?

What Norwex Products Should I Sell?

With so many products, it may be hard to decide where to start. If you are the first Norwex Consultant sharing our products with your customers, I recommend starting them out with our Stater Kit, The Safe Haven Package. I loving selling this package to my “New To Norwex” customers because it helps them get a little bit of Norwex in every room of their home. Here is a quick video I did about this package. Feel free to use this as a sales tool for your Norwex Business.

If your customers have already been introduced to Norwex, ask them about trouble spots in their home, or find out which areas they hate to clean. We have a huge product line so don’t get set on just selling the basics.

How Do I Earn Free Product?

Norwex is beyond generous with gifts for us as consultants as we meet sales goals, but when you are first starting out one thing you can do to earn even more free product is to host your own parties. This is a huge bonus because not only are you earning the commission but you are also getting the product from being a hostess. This is also a great, no pressure way to have some friends over to introduce them to the products.

What Else Should I Know If I Am A New Norwex Consultant?

If you are part of Team Aqua, you have access to a huge network of Norwex Consultants, new and old. We have a Facebook group and a team website (Take The States)  that I had created to help you be successful in your Norwex business.  Reach out when you have questions and use these tools to your advantage.

If you are in North Carolina, we have team meetings often where I am in attendance. If you are not local here to NC, reach out to see if there are team meetings in your area. This is just another way to keep yourself accountable and really grow your business.

Another thing you can do even if you are not in the North Carolina area is join our Team Aqua challenges. We are always looking for ways to encourage each other so we will periodically do group challenges to push each other in our businesses.

Have questions or interested in becoming a Norwex Consultant? Feel free to Contact Me or Sign Up Now!