Most of us mentally prepare for doing a deep clean during the Spring, but what about Fall? I’ve always found it funny that we do our most entertaining October through December, but Spring Cleaning gets all the love.

There are some big cleaning chores that when done in the Fall, allows your home to be in tip top shape for hosting friends and family during the holidays. Not only that, your Spring cleaning will be much easier!

Here are the five cleaning chores I do every fall to get my home ready for the holiday season.

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#1. Wash The Windows
I know, no one really LOVES washing the windows, but it’s a necessary evil. Would it help if you knew that the job is easier with the Norwex Window cloth? All you need is your trusty cloth and water.

If you want to get the whole family involved so that it goes faster, grab a the Kids Window Cloth! You can feel good about teaching them life skills while not exposing them to harmful chemicals at the same time.

#2. Clean Window Treatments
Are you one of those admirable people who changes out most of your decor for the fall season? Whether your changing out your curtains or you have blinds, it’s the perfect time to clean them! Some easy cleaning ideas include vacuuming treatments on a low setting with a brush attachment,  or taking them down to do a full cleaning by hand-washing.

#3. Clean Those High Places
Yes, it’s almost Halloween but we don’t want any real cobwebs in our home, right? Grab your Envirowand and reach all those hard to reach and just out of touch places like ceilings, ceiling fans and light fixtures. The great thing is that the envirowand is just as useful in low places, like under the fridge.

#4. Declutter the Closets and Storage Spaces
This one is a hard task! However, by organizing your closets you can rotate your wardrobe. It’s a great time to see what you have been wearing and what can be donated. For your kids, you can tackle the chore of knowing what they have outgrown. Now you have space to add new pieces!

When you put away your holiday decor after Christmas last year, there may have been a few things you needed to replace. By organizing storage spaces, you can easily see what you have room for.

#5. Check Monitors and Filters
While you’re at it, go ahead and check the smoke and carbon monoxide monitors. Change the batteries. It’s also a good time to change your air filters if you haven’t in the last 3 months.

Of course, there are other areas of your home that you might want to incorporate during the Fall, but these are my “Big Five”. What’s on your Fall cleaning must-do list? Tell me and definitely let me know how you use Norwex while cleaning!