The holidays are busy for everyone and that can mean a big slowdown in your direct sales business, but only if you let it! With a little bit of planning and making your business as your first priority, you can take a slow season and make it the best season of the year for your network marketing business.


  1. Make sure your direct sales business is your number one priority. We are all busy during this time of year, but making sure your direct sales business is your priority is the most important thing you can do to keep your business thriving during the holiday season.
  2. Have a sale! If you didn’t host a Black Friday sale, that’s ok. Plan a sale for your direct sales business on a different day instead. Here are few ideas: Have a customer appreciation sale; Run a last day to order to receive for Christmas sale: run a New Year – New You special.
  3. Contact past clients. Reaching out to individual people who have ordered product from your direct sales businesses is a great way to earn some extra money during the holiday season. Check and see what items they have purchases before and reach out to see if they need more of that product, or a product that pairs well with it.
  4. Find local events. There is no shortage of vendor events during the holiday season. Find a few that work with your schedule and sign your direct sales business up for the event. This is a great way to make new contacts in your community and showcase specials holiday products and sales.
  5. Offer a discount coupon to anyone who refers a friend who also purchases between now and the first of the year. Start a VIP purchasing program; or create a “punchcard” for buy XX and get one free. This encourages customers to refer friends and purchase from you instead of going to another consultant to purchase their products.
  6. Use other holiday parties and events to your advantage! Use this time to meet as many people as you can. Ask questions, collect business cards and email addresses. If they begin asking you questions, be prepared with short, intriguing answers. If they show an interest in your direct sales business and the products you sell, schedule a time to contact them in the next few days.
  7. Take advantage of social media.  Instead of scheduling one party a night, use Facebook parties as a way to have multiple parties all at the same time.  Using a scheduling program will make this easy and, if you prepare, all you will need to do is online to answer questions. Start small by booking two parties on the same night and move up from there!
  8. Go on a mission to reach as many new customers as possible for your direct sales business. Reach out to business owners, friends, and acquaintances and have a 30 second “commercial” ready that appeals to what is needed right now. Is it extra cash for the holidays? Convenient online shopping with no crowds? Delivery? Get creative and use their needs to your advantage!
  9. Host holiday related parties for your customers. Party plan, direct sales businesses have a great advantage during the holiday season. Everyone is busy and they will be wanting to make time to get together with friends. What better reason than to be introduced to items they can use for holiday gifts?  Make these parties extra special by having a “favorite things party” theme or by showcase a “12 days of Christmas” event.
  10. Begin reviewing the past year. Looking at your goals and accomplishments from the past year is a great motivation to end the year strong. This is great way to boost confidence and see how far you have come and how many lives you have touched!

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