Welcome To Team Aqua!

Hi Everyone! I am Kris Carlson, your “Black Jacket Leader” for Norwex, and I am so glad to have you as a part of Team Aqua! You are about to begin and amazing fun-filled journey and the team and I and your Upline are all here to support you along the way. Here are a few important steps to get you started… 

{If you have reached this page and you are not already a Norwex Consultant, please reach out to the consultant you have been working with. If you do not already have a Norwex leader that you have been working with, I would love to have you on my team Click here to join Team Aqua!}

1: FACEBOOK –  We have a Team Aqua group page on Facebook with 5000+ team members available to help you navigate your new Norwex business.  This is a great place to post questions and share successes and excitement! You can even ask questions while at a party and get it answered quickly. Either have the person that signed you up (your Upline) add you to the page, or friend me at Kris Holbrook Carlson and I will add you if you send me a message letting me know to add you.

2: EXPLORE THIS SITE – Here on SucceedAndShine.com you will find training podcasts that will help you to know what to focus on first when you are getting started.  Start with “Strong start your direct selling business” listed under the podcast series tab. Make sure to hit the subscribe button to get the newest podcast post alerts.

3: Follow Up With Your Leader – When you are new it is important to just follow your leader until you are comfortable doing your own demo. Watch my live party demo and copy it word for word until you get comfortable and add your own flavor.

4: STAY CONNECTED! Your best resource is your Upline (the person that signed you up).  Reach out and stay in regular contact with him/her and set up regular coaching calls for the first month – I recommend weekly.  Also take a look here on the Team website for a monthly team meeting in your area.  As with any job, ongoing training is essential and the meetings are a place to learn and connect with other consultants!

5: FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WIH THE STARTER PACK! (aka the Safe Haven Package): This is the package I present at all of my parties, plus I post this video in my Facebook events leading up to my parties.  You can also use this video clip to share with your friends, families, and customers to get them excited! Feel Free to use and share this video! (https://youtu.be/9vB7VX0s40A)

Good luck and it’s great to have you with us!

Team Training Videos

Team training videos are grouped by year. The newest team training video will be at the top of the playlist.

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