Let’s Get Motivated

Hello Friends!

I think we can all agree that 2020-2021 has been a whirlwind. During this time so many things have happened that we will all look back on and think ‘Wow! What a crazy time.’ In the past year, I think a lot of people have been overwhelmed which has caused many to lose motivation for certain things in their life, so I thought I would share some things that have kept me motivated.

Have a ‘Why’

During crazy times I have always found it helpful to have something that makes me want to be successful. Whether it is a person, place or thing, it is good to have a ‘why’. By creating a ‘why’ you are able to have something to hold you accountable. For example, of the reasons I work so hard to complete my goals is for my family. I am able to show them what a hard-working mother and grandmother look like and I can show them that you can do anything you put your mind to as long as you are willing to work for it. My family pushed me to be my best and they are my ‘why’.

Set Goals

The next thing that keeps me going is setting goals. Whether they are big or small, having goals allows you to imagine where you want to be and it helps you visualize where you have been and where you are going. I find it really helpful to have smaller daily & weekly goals as well as bigger monthly & yearly goals. This way, I am not only able to keep track of what I am working toward, but I am also able to see what I have accomplished by day, week, month and year.

Read a Book

No matter if you are into fiction or non-fiction, reading books is good for the soal. It opens you up to new experiences and points of view you might not have thought of. It is also a way to keep off of your devices like the computer or phone. Even if you are only able to read 15 pages a day, you will be able to learn something new and view stories you have never seen. Do you want to start your reading journey? Here is a list of some of the best motivating books.

Look to the Future

No matter if you are in a slump or on top of the world, it is always helpful to have something to look forward to. Whether your kids are on your last nerve or maybe work got you down, you should have things to look forward to. I find that having this moment helps you look beyond what is happening right now. These things can be as simple as going on a walk and going to the book store or it could be something big like a date night or vacation. Whatever it is you are have coming up on the calendar find one thing to get excited for.

How do You Stay Motivated?

No matter what you do to stay motivated, it is important to know what keeps you going. I want to hear how you have stayed motivated this past year! Message me on Instagram! I look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time!