Hello friends!

I hope this shorter month has been treating you well. For lots of people, the first month of the new year is filled with setting new routines that they hope will carry onto the rest of the year. One of the things in my schedule is cleaning. It allows me to always have a tidy area, and that helps me focus more on my goals. With all my Norwex products it’s so easy to do. You might not know what products to start with especially since spring cleaning is coming up. Well don’t worry, I got you.

So without further ado, here are the top 4 must-have products for spring cleaning.


First up is the EnviroCloth. This is a classic must-have for any household. It is an eco-friendly microfiber cleaning cloth that can be used wet or dry to effectively clean everything and everywhere. All you do is add water to it and your good to go! It also comes in 4 different colors to match any household.

EnviroCloth® | Norwex USA

Dusting Mitt

Next, we have the Dusting Mitt. This awesome product allows you to dust everywhere with no chemicals! It creates static electricity so that when it passes over a surface it can effectively pick up dust from all surfaces. This is another product you can use dry or wet by just adding some water!

Dusting Mitt | Norwex USA

Superior Mop Starter System

Here we have the Superior Mop Starter System. This product is great for cleaning your floors from all the gross stuff you track in from outside. What I like to do is first go over my floors with the Dry Mop Pad to catch any big debris on the ground. Then I like to go in after with the Wet Mop Pad to pick up anything I didn’t get the first time. This product allows you to replace your traditional messy mop and bucket with this eco-friendly microfiber mop to bring out the natural beauty of your floors using only water.

Cleaning Paste

Lastly, we have one of everybody’s favorites- Cleaning Paste. This product is so great that it sells out fast every time it’s put online. It helps remove stubborn stains in every room of your home. All you do is get a damp EnviroCloth® with some Cleaning Paste on it to clean and polish chrome, stainless steel and porcelain.

Those are the top 4 must-have products you need to get to help with your upcoming spring cleaning. There are so many more products that making cleaning up your house easier but here is just a taste of what I use. As always if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

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