Mexico Here We Come!

I am happy to announce that Brad and I hit 90,000 points which means that Norwex pays for both of us to go to the annual Norwex incentive trip for free. Rivera Maya looks amazing  and we will be looking forward to the time together at this all inclusive resort. We will get to spend five days and four nights celebrating our achievements and making memories at the All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, renowned for its legendary hospitality.   We [...]

Clean Your Stovetop in 10 Minutes or Less

Jill is back at it making messes instead of working. Today when Jill tried to make lunch, she over boiled water on the flattop stove (something that's happened to all of us a time or two). Luckily for Jill, her boss knows the best way to clean a mess! https://youtu.be/IGrl2O1E4vY How to Clean your Stovetop in under 10 minutes: Step 1: Go enjoy your food. You may as well while it's hot! You can't clean [...]

February 2016 Team Aqua MVP

Welcome to Team Aqua's monthly MVP series. Each month we will be highlighting a wonderful consultant on our team. Our First MVP is Heather Ragland. She is a mom of two girls who made her dream of become a stay at home mom come true by believing in this business. Here is Heather's story: In November 2014 I was the girl who was invited to a “cleaning party” and who didn’t care about removing chemicals [...]

How To Remove Permanent Marker From Your Walls

If your child has ever colored on the walls, desks, wood furniture, or any other surface imaginable, you are defiantly not alone.  We have all been there! Now, how do we get it off. Thanks to our lovely Jill, here is a video on how to remove those "Oops" moments! https://youtu.be/3h63vExmGN8 How to remove Permanent marker from your walls: Step 1 - Take marker away from offender and put in an out of reach place. Step 2 [...]

March 2016 Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials

The March 2016 Norwex Hostess and Customer specials have been released! If you have been considering hosting a party, below is the list of all of the products you can earn from Norwex this coming month. We have two ways to host a party, in your home with friends and family, or via an online party. Either way you will have a great time and earn your hostess rewards!   This month's customer specials are  a great [...]